We build Tendermint based solutions for you!


Team of experts

We are a team of experienced individuals involved in multiple fields to deliver winning products.

A large network

Of blockchain, cryptocurrency and enterprize connections available to support our clients.

Tendermint and Cosmos experience

Gained by building products and following the development of the ecosystem from its early days.


Technical consultancy
We will advise you on the right kind of technology for you to implement in your particular business.
Product and business scoping
Choose the best that blockchain has to offer with our knowledge of the market.
Prototype Development
Our team will develop a working prototype of your product ready for testing and further development.
MVP Development
With our expertise we will build a proof-of-concept and then your product with its main features.
Production ready system development and maintenance
Your product ready for the market and your clients to use.
Development of integrations with blockchain technology
We design apps which integrate blockchain and provide additional information and tracking.
End-To-End solution delivery
Top quality development, installation, setup and maintenance for your business needs.
Blockchain infrastructure management
We test your blockchain technology while interacting with our tools and through our servers.

Active work includes

Technical consultancy
of including blockchains for business uses

Our experts will use their knowledge to give you advice on what type of blockchain technology to use, how to implement it in your business based on the analysis of your company and help you decentralize processes.

Economic consultancy around tokenizing businesses

Receive expert advice from our team in order to make receiving and making payments with blockchain and differentiate your business with your own cryptocurrency.

Development of Tendermint based solutions with different ABCI platforms

We use our expertise to adapt any existing software to blockchain technology based on Tendermint technology.

Standardization of blockchain protocols

Our team is actively helping in developing protocols and procedures in blockchain and we play an active role in decision making process when it comes to standardisation of these protocols.

Creating a Tendermint developer toolset

We develop tools and software which make using blockchain technology easier for use, developing, monitoring, etc.  

Research and development of identity blockchains based on Tendermint

Using a specific and proven approach we help you control your own identity which prevents issues of identity theft commonly seen in traditional identity management systems.

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